Cookie Policy

You can’t eat this type of cookie, but they’re still important!

1. Introduction / Disclosure

This cookie policy for My Fairy Penpal aims to cover what cookies are, how My Fairy Penpal uses them and applies to all sites. My Fairy Penpal reserves the right to update this Cookie Policy from time to time. If they do, then a new cookie pop up notice will appear on their Sites when you next visit.

2. Overview

If you run a website, you may already know what a cookie is and how it functions. Just in case you don’t know much about cookies, though, here is a brief overview: 

A cookie (sometimes also referred to as a browser cookie, HTTP cookie, Internet cookie or Web cookie) is a small file sent from a Web server to your computer whenever you visit a website.) If you return to the website later, your Web browser sends the small file to the server to notify the website of any previous activity you engaged in on the site. Once you return to a website, the server can retrieve the cookie file from local computer to assist in expediting
certain functions such as logging in and retrieving account or user data. 

Cookies can serve many useful purposes, such as remembering items you had in a shopping cart, logging visited pages on the site and remembering login details so you don’t have to enter them every time you visit the website. The most common types of cookies are authentication cookies, which servers use to determine whether a user is logged into a site or not.

Cookies cannot contain viruses nor install spyware or malware on your computer. However, companies can use cookies to track long-term browsing history and store information on the types of products or information viewed. Over a period of time, aggregate information of this type can help site owners push targeted products or information to your browser during visits.

3. Information Collected

• Log Files – This would include things like IP addresses, browser type and version, time zone settings, browser plugins, operating system and platform.

• Website usage, how long users spend on the sites and what they click on, how many times and with what they interact.

This information is used to help enhance features and services. It is worth noting that the IP address data collected cannot be used to identify you personally on its own, it would need to be combined with other information generated to construct a profile of you. 

Most web browsers allow some control of most cookies through the browser settings. To find out more about cookies, including how to see what cookies have been set, visit or

Find out how to manage cookies on popular browsers:
• Google Chrome
• Microsoft Edge
• Mozilla Firefox
• Microsoft Internet Explorer
• Opera
• Apple Safari

To find out how to delete already stored cookies and for the browsers or operating systems that are not listed then please visit

5. How My Fairy Penpal cookies in place record your preferences, remembering information about how you use the site and allows us to compile statistical reports on our website activity. Through a visit to a My Fairy Penpal domain or accessing our portal the cookies are downloaded directly to the device that is accessing it. The cookies will not be sold or transferred to any third party unless express consent has been provided.

6. My Fairy Penpal’s Cookie Opt-In / Opt-Out

You can control the cookies that My Fairy Penpal processes on the site by choosing one of the links in the cookie bar.

8. Third Party Sites

On occasion, we may link to other sites that we have either partnered with or feel act as a useful reference point for additional information; this policy does not apply to the use of those sites. These links may also be provided by other users of our communities’ pages, it is important with the latter that we do not endorse clicking through on these links due to the moderation we have in place in our Privacy Policy.

It is important in any circumstance before providing any information to these websites that you check their own privacy policies. My Fairy Penpal does not accept any responsibility for the protection of your Personally Identifiable Information (PII) supplied to these other sites or any “Threats” that may arise from accessing them.

It is possible that either clients or these third parties may grant permission to My Fairy Penpal for us to put targeting pixels and cookies on their websites, possibly as a redirect from a social media posts sent through our platform. This should be indicated in our clients’ policies; this will be used to investigate supporter journeys and possibly be used to create Custom Audiences for targeted advertising across digital media (including social media).

9. Social Media Cookies

My Fairy Penpal is active on a range of social media platforms and its services are tailored around the use of these social media sites. My Fairy Penpal has no control over the use of cookies on these third-party sites. Please see the policy links below for the social media site policies around privacy, cookies and data:

• Facebook
• Twitter
• YouTube
• LinkedIn
• Instagram

10. Further Information
To read more on My Fairy Penpal’s Privacy Policy please follow this link

If you have any queries on this policy or if you would like to know further details on how My Fairy Penpal uses data then please use the communication preference centre or contact us at: