My Fairy Penpal!

That’s just £1.87 per week for some magical moments with your child!

Spark a child’s amazing imagination with their very own Fairy Penpal 😻


Get a Fairy Penpal which lasts 8 lovely weeks for just £15

(Normally £30)

That’s just £1.87 per week for some magical moments with your child!

Aria is a fairy that lives near you. She has a big box of fairy gifts to send and she wants to be your penpal.

Each week for 8 weeks she’ll send another letter with a fairy themed activity and fairy colouring card. She’ll be your very own Fairy Penpal.

My Fairy Penpal ignites your child’s amazing imagination and encourages reading and writing skills with weekly letters from their very own fairy.

Aria will introduce herself with a welcome pack, full of fairy goodies, then collect every fairy in the kingdom as you follow Aria through her quest . 

Step 1

Click the ‘Find Your Fairy’ button to give us the child’s name so we can personalise the pack and letters for them. 

Step 2

Aria will send out a big Welcome Pack. Yay.

Step 3

Then another surprise will pop through the post a week later. A tiny pink envelope will arrive on the doormat addressed to the child. 

Step 4

Each week, another letter arrives with fairy themed activity sheets and colouring cards. You can even write back to Aria. She replies to each letter on the FB page!

“If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy-tales.” – Albert Einstein.

Find your Fairy now.

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